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“By science fiction fans, for science fiction fans.”

Welcome to http://www.scifiexplorations.com!

Our website is all about bringing to you, the reader, the highest quality science fiction from the best authors on the scene.

We do not accept payment for this – we simply find, or are recommended, exceptional quality books and, with the permission of the authors, and promote them through our website. Often, the authors will work with us to ensure you receive a price discount when they are promoted. We may also promote an author who has already proven themselves to produce high quality work, providing early notice on their new releases and pre-orders.

The only thing we ask of our partner authors is that they promote this site.

So, if you want the hottest new releases and the best discounts for your Science Fiction, subscribe to our high quality newsletter.

We will release this newsletter once every two weeks, and on it you will get:

  • At least one price promoted book recommendation which has caught our eye.
  • At least one YouTube interview of some exceptional authors through our partner site, Keystroke Medium.

And that’s it, we don’t believe in spam, we just believe in giving you a great read.




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