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Ralph Kern

I’ve recently completed my first book, having juggled writing around my main job which is as a Uniformed Officer in the West Midlands Police.
For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, especially the grand masters of the genre, Arthur C Clarke, Stephen Baxter, Alistair Reynolds and many more and finally decided to try my hand.

Before I joined the Police, I gained a degree in Aerospace Technology from Coventry University, where I won the opportunity to work in Milan on the design of a Satellite, got a Pilots License in the States (before I learnt to drive) which led to the best weekend job going, taking Air Cadets flying in a motor gliders and for a year was an officer cadet in the TA…

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Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor lives with his family in an old village in England called Bromham. When he was a young and impressionable lad, between 1977 and 1978, several important things happened to him all at once: 2000AD, Star Wars, Blake’s 7, and Dungeons & Dragons. Consequently, he now writes science fiction novels for a living.

It wasn’t always that way. Before a series of Doctor Who novels inspired him to start writing fiction in 2002, Tim wrote first music and then software. After twenty years in the software industry, Tim took a break in 2011, setting up Greyhart Press, a publisher of science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

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Josh Hayes

Josh grew up a military brat, affording him the opportunity to meet several different types of people, in multiple states and foreign countries. After graduating high school, he joined the United States Air Force and served for six years, before leaving military life to work in law enforcement. His experiences in both his military life and police life have given him a unique glimpse into the lives of people around him and it shows through in the characters he creates.

When Josh is not writing, he spends his time with his three children and his wife, Jamie.

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Robert M Campbell

Robert M. Campbell hails from the east coast of Canada and has lived in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. He has spent time traveling across western Europe and recently spent a month exploring and photographing South Africa by off-road vehicle.

An early love of astronomy and technology led him to a career in software engineering. After twenty years in aerospace, government and open source, he has written his first science fiction novel with the second in the series now in publication.

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Richard Fox

Richard Fox is the author of The Ember War Saga, a military science fiction and space opera series, and other novels in the military history, thriller and space opera genres.

He lives in fabulous Las Vegas with his incredible wife and two boys, amazing children bent on anarchy.

He graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point) much to his surprise and spent ten years on active duty in the United States Army. He deployed on two combat tours to Iraq and received the Combat Action Badge, Bronze Star and Presidential Unit Citation.

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Scott Moon

Scott Moon has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and urban fantasy for over thirty years. When not reading, writing, or spending time with his awesome family, he enjoys playing the guitar or learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He loves dogs and plans to have a ranch full of them when he makes it big. One will be a Rottweiler named Frodo. In the mean time he dreams of being discovered by thousands of readers who aren’t afraid to demand his stories be made into movies.

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hookeIsaac Hooke

USA Today bestselling author Isaac Hooke holds a degree in engineering physics, though his more unusual inventions remain fictive at this time. He is an avid hiker, cyclist, and photographer who sometimes resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

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PP Corcoran

Paul grew up in the British Army having joined at just 17 ½ years old and spent the next twenty plus years there while devouring any and all science fiction he could get his hands on. Post army he stayed in the security and intelligence worlds and with more time on his hands put his military skills and his experiences to good use by combining them with his lifetime love of sci-fi to create stories of space marines, space battles and fantastic technologies for reader’s enjoyment (and his own).

With the success of his début Saiph series Paul has turned his one-time hobby into a job and now concentrates on writing, much to the horror of his wife who puts up with him at home on a full-time basis.

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Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer is the author of nine novels: Memory Seed (Orbit 1996), Glass (Orbit 1997), Flowercrash (Wildside 2002), Muezzinland (Wildside 2003), Hallucinating (Wildside 2004) and The Rat And The Serpent (Prime Books 2005). In 2010 PS Publishing published Urbis Morpheos. In 2014 Infinity Plus Press published his surreal slipstream steampunk novel Hairy London, then in 2015 the cyberpunk-influenced Beautiful Intelligence. Ebooks of Muezzinland, Hallucinating and The Rat And The Serpent are available from Infinity Plus, who have also published the ebooks of Memory Seed, Glass and Flowercrash. His short stories have been published by Wildside Press, Spectrum SF, NewCon Press, Mutation Press, Eibonvale Press, Solaris, TFQ, Unspoken Water, Kraxon Publishing, Tickety Boo Press and Boo Books. Further short stories will appear in 2015 and onward. Stephen lives and works in Shropshire, UK.

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Jo Zebedee

Jo is the author of The Inheritance Trilogy (Tickety Boo Press), and Hugo-award nominated Inish Carraig.

She writes character-driven Space Opera, SF thrillers, fantasy, horror and anything else that lies between.

She lives in Northern Ireland and runs after a couple of kids, various pets, and also runs a management consultancy. She’s looking into cloning technology even as we speak.

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Peter Cawdron

Peter is an Australian science fiction writer, specialising in hard science fiction.

Peter is a fan of such classic science fiction writers as Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Crichton and their influence on his style and story lines is readily apparent.

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Chris Kennedy

Bestselling Science Fiction/Fantasy author and speaker, Chris Kennedy is a former naval aviator and elementary school principal. Chris’ stories include the “Occupied Seattle” military fiction duology, “The Theogony” and “Codex Regius” science fiction trilogies, and the “War for Dominance” fantasy trilogy. Get his free book, “The Death of Atlantis,” on his website.

Chris lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with his wife and family. He is currently working with the Navy to help shape Navy training processes for the year 2025. He is the holder of a doctorate in educational leadership and master’s degrees in both business and public administration.

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lozitoKen Lozito

Ken Lozito is the author of multiple series in fantasy and science fiction. Ken has always loved fantasy and science fiction in all forms, including books, movies (Even the cheesy 80s B movies), and games.

Ken graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English and Anthropology. Being a computer hobbyist led to him working in the field of IT Security for almost 20 years. He resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife and two boys. Enjoys hiking, reading, playing with the dog, and binge-watching shows on Netflix, but enjoys writing stories most of all.

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mossStephen Moss

Stephen Moss was born in England, but spent time as a child in wildly diverse places, including several years in Brazil, Belgium, and Malaysia.

He eventually settled in New York, but still travels avidly, something he uses as inspiration and input to his writing. Stephen is a fan of Hard SF by masters such as Iain M. Banks, Peter F. Hamilton and Orson Scott Card and the many fantastic writers creating masterpieces every year.

His first two novels, Fear the Sky and Fear the Survivors, combine his passion for Hard Science Fiction with his passion for travel. The novels take place across the globe, from London to Brussels, Africa to Antarctica, the Hindu Kush mountains to the back streets of Tel Aviv. The few places in the books which Stephen hasn’t been to in person he researches avidly, wanting to put his characters into the reality of their surroundings, and knowing that the settings for a story are as important as the individuals you then paint into them.

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duboffAmy DuBoff

Amy DuBoff has always loved science fiction in all its forms, including books, movies, shows, and games. After beginning her creative writing studies at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, she went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Professional Writing from Portland State University. Amy primarily writes space-based science fiction and science-fantasy. She is currently publishing the Cadicle space opera series and has had a short story featured in an anthology by NewCon Press. When she’s not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.

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baileyNick Bailey

Nick was born at a very young age, in an uneventful corner of the West Midlands, England. Star Wars came out when he was six years old, and his path was set. He met lifelong friend, and co-author of Liberator – Darren Bullock, at school and then things just got worse. They had to write made-up stories just to stave off the boredom of existence, so it was inevitable that books would end up published.

At 45 years old, he should probably be concentrating on a proper job, but writing is too much fun, and he isn’t stopping now. Since this is the internet, it should probably be noted that he likes cats, dogs, long walks on the beach, and blowing up spaceships.

Nick assures us that he is, in fact, still alive.

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savageFelix R. Savage

You might say Felix R. Savage has a long history associated with rebellion. He was born in the 1970s, a decade of American youth rebelling against the safe culture of their parents. He is married to a wonderful woman and they have a beautiful daughter. Together the three of them live in Tokyo serving their cat overlord and benevolent protector. Felix writes Science Fiction and Fantasy while not translating, delighting in his family, or catering to the whims of the family’s cat. He woke up one day to learn that he was a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. He continues to keep a low profile, and never stops watching out for any sign the lizard people have found him.

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Scott Bartlett

Scott Bartlett was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where he lives. He is a fiction author who mostly writes science fiction nowadays, though he’s dabbled in humor and literary fiction.

For his novels he’s won the H. R. (Bill) Percy Prize, Percy Janes First Novel Award, and the Lawrence Jackson Writers Award. His second novel, Taking Stock, was also a semi-finalist in the 2014 Best Kindle Book Awards
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J.R. Handley

J.R. Handley is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team. He is a veteran infantry sergeant with the 101st Airborne Division and the 28th Infantry Division. She is the kind of crazy that interprets his insanity into cogent English. He writes the sci-fi while she proofreads it. The sergeant is a two-time combat veteran of the late unpleasantness in Mesopotamia where he was wounded, likely doing something stupid. He started writing military science fiction as part of a therapy program suggested by his doctor, and hopes to entertain you while he attempts to excise his demons through these creative endeavors. In addition to being just another dysfunctional veteran, he is a stay at home wife, avid reader and all around nerd. Luckily for him, his Queen joins him in his fandom nerdalitry.

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Darren Bullock

I was enthralled by science-fiction growing up. It was everywhere – television, film, and books, but oddly enough it wasn’t sci-fi that drew me to writing. While my great friend and co-author Nick Bailey was ploughing through piles of 2000 A.D. I was searching out the next Commando Comic and I vaguely recall reading a tattered old copy of The Eagle has Landed. I later moved on to a bit of sci-fi and some light horror/thrillers. Those are the books that made my mind race, filling it with fantastic words and descriptions.
When I met Nick, we put our heads together and started our own military sci-fi comic (which crashed at the third page)
But now some time later, through a labour of love… Liberator is born.

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Scott McGlasson

Scott McGlasson is the author of NOCK – the winning entry in the Infected Books Year of the Zombie Pitch and Page competition.

He is a veteran of both the US Air Force and rock radio, somehow ending up with a career in logistics. Scott currently lives in St Louis, Missouri USA with his wife, Monica, and has two sons, Nicholas and Trip, and two daughters, Evelyn and Emily.

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Nathan Hystad

Nathan Hystad is an author from outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He lives there with his wife, dog and piles of books. He runs Woodbridge Press, and is the series editor and creator of the Explorations series of anthologies.

His first novel, The Event, is due to be released early 2018.

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